Saturday, 2 August 2014

G36 large handguard

After being incredibly disappointed with my G36KV stock's claims of "massive amounts of battery space", I decided to make something that actually has massive amounts of battery space.

3d printed in ABS

 I had to print it in 6 different pieces and solvent weld them together due to printer size constraints (which is why those seam lines are there). The seams are solid but slightly off-colored plastic, and will disappear once the painted.

It's to the G36K handguard what the large G36C handguard is to the G36C handguard. The battery space is approximately 45x25x245mm (something along the lines of 40x30x245mm would also be possible as the handguard slants inwards). For reference, here's an 1800mah 11.1v battery (thicker than a "mini" nimh battery with otherwise similar dimensions) in it:
This battery won't even fit in standard G36C handguards, but the 2 cell (7.4v) version does
And here it is with a 3000mah 11.1v battery, which fits almost exactly into the large G36C handguards commonly available at the moment:
Held sideways to make the amount of horizontal play more obvious
You could easily fit a 5000mah 11.1v (if not more) in the space. Never worry about G36 battery space again! Here it is on my gun:
Lonex flash mag pmag, ACM AFG, Walther 4x32 Tritac, JG G36KV stock, SRC G36 body, battleaxe mag converter

Now for the bad news. Putting this up on Shapeways (or a similar service) would cost over $250 per handguard, I doubt anyone wants to pay that. Instead, I'm making the STL file available here:

Since I only made it for myself, I didn't really bother to perfect the model. There seem to be numerous small errors in the model, but the 3D printing software had no problems with it. Since exact specs vary per brand, you may need to file/dremel away some material to get the handguard to fit yours. Also, I messed up on dimensions a bit:

The red scribbles indicate areas that I had to dremel out that you will almost definitely have to remove no matter what brand of G36 you have. The U-shaped section that the nub above the magwell slots into needs to be extended further, and the area directly above it needs to be removed entirely.
One other problem is that you'll need spacers between the bottom rail segment and the handguard or you won't be able to fit certain accessories (such as magpul/clone AFGs).

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