Saturday, 27 September 2014

G36KV stock cheek riser

This was my G36: 
Looks good, but it has actually been very uncomfortable to shoot ever since I put the scope on it because the stock cheek rest isn't high enough. Here's my solution:

It's a pretty small thing, but makes a big difference in comfortably using the gun. Compatibility only tested with my JG G36KV stock (matrix on evike is a rebrand of this). The cheek pad is raised by roughly 16mm.
Very easy to install, just take off the rubber cheek pad (it's not glued or anything, just pry it off), and push the thing on. A drop of glue anywhere on the bottom of the piece can keep it from rotating if that ends up being a problem. 

And then the original cheek pad fits snugly onto it.
Now your head (or mine, at least) lines up with the scope naturally. Compare this to before, where you would naturally end up looking where the stock iron sights would go (far too low for scope):
STL file available here:

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